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Samsung Galaxy S5 specs finally revealed?

Samsung Galaxy S5 specs

Its not even been a year since the Samsung's most talked about smartphone - Samsung Galaxy S4 was released, and the successor of the smartphone - Samsung Galaxy S5 is already making waves over the internet. With the release of a new image on 91mobiles describing Samsung Galaxy S5 specs speculations related to Samsung Galaxy S5 specs have started growing. Earlier also, a concept video related to Samsung Galaxy S5 specs was spotted on youtube and many cell-phone sites and now here's another. This one seems to be less promising about Samsung Galaxy S5 specs but can be more near to reality than what had been displayed earlier through the concept video of Samsung Galaxy S5 specs.

SEE what Samsung Galaxy S5 specs had been predicted in the concept video of Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone specs.

Here is the image of Samsung Galaxy S5 specs posted by 91mobiles which describes the Samsung Galaxy S 5 features that the Galaxy S5 smartphone will bring with it.

Although nothing has been said about the release date of Samsung Galaxy S5, but the prices have been speculated.

SEE Samsung Galaxy S 5 price in USA, UK and India

Now this image predicts that Samsung Galaxy S5 specs would include a 2 GHz Octa-Core processor which has also been mentioned in the concept video of Samsung Galaxy S5 on youtube. Apart from this the RAM capacity ,i.e. 4 GB is confirmed by 91mobiles. [updated] Recent rumors suggest that Samsung would not be able to incorporate a 4GB RAM in samsung galaxy s5 and so the next smartphone in line to come up with a 4 GB of RAM could most probably be Samsung galaxy note 4[updated] A 16MP camera is the one expected from the Samsung Galaxy S5 and there's no reason of not having a camera less than 16MP because Samsung has already introduced a similar camera quality in the modified version of Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom which also features a 16MP camera. Hence, Samsung will for sure introduce a better or same but not lesser quality of camera in its next phone of the Samsung Galaxy S flagship. [updated] Current rumors suggest that Samsung Galaxy S5 would come with a 20.7 MP Camera.[updated]

Also the last line mentions a 128 GB storage capacity, that would mean a huge space for your data, large enough to store thousands of songs, documents and other stuffs at the same time. Earlier, reports had suggested that the phone will come with an option to increase the memory upto 64GB only. But rumors seem to be telling a different tale. The phone would be running on Android 5 OS that is Android Key Lime Pie - Android 5. Reportedly, Samsung Galaxy S5 specs would also include a huge battery with 3200 mAh of capacity. The concept video had rumored it to be around 4000 mAh. Well, for the confirmation of Samsung Galaxy S5 battery, we'll have to wait and watch what Samsung has to say about it. 

Also, the concept video had pointed at Samsung switching over to carbon fibre body rather than plastic that is currently being used. But, this image reveals something different. The image rumors that the Samsung Galaxy S5 casing would be metallic similar to those in HTC smartphones. This would bring a drawback to the flagship phone of samsung. The battery will then become non-removable. If Samsung Galaxy S5 battery would be non-removable it would surely work as a drawback of the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Also, a 4GB RAM is confirmed because samsung has been working on a 4GB RAM and will most probably launch it in its flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S5. The phone might also be coming with features similar to Samsung Galaxy S4 Active that would give it a rough and tough touch to bear the shocks and to make it waterproof. The Galaxy S5 will be a pocket-size powerhouse.

Samsung Galaxy S5 release date is rumored to be late December or the end of fourth Quarter in the next year.



  1. Almost everyone loves to do selfie using the front cam. Why hasn't any smartphone company made a great front cam with atleast 8mgpx?

    1. Now micromax and Lenovo have come up with a phone that has a gr8 front camera!!


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