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Get ready for Samsung Galaxy S5 - Samsung Galaxy S 5 release date, price and specifications

Samsung Galaxy S5 specifications

Its not been long, since Samsung launched its flagship device, Samsung Galaxy S4 and now its time for Samsung Galaxy S5. Samsung Galaxy S4 became the fastest selling android smartphone and Samsung is eyeing at its successor, Samsung Galaxy S5 to make it really large. It has also not been long since Samsung unveiled the smaller version of Samsung Galaxy S4 - The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini and rumors have it that Samsung has started working on its next flagship phone - Samsung Galaxy S5. The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini was launched as a downgraded version of the world's fastest smartphone Samsung Galaxy S4. The mini version came in quite a lot of variants.

Samsung Galaxy S5 release date

The Samsung Galaxy S5 release date may be between Q3 and December, as told by the digitaljournal.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Specifications / Samsung Galaxy S 5 specs

Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with a plastic casing which does not provide the luxurious look to the Galaxy series. Most of the mobile phone manufacturers have switched to aluminium casing pertaining to its strength as well as light weight, bu Samsung hasn't taken this step yet. But, the plastic casing used by Samsung in its Samsung Galaxy S4 and other predecessors may now be turned down. Samsung recently purchased 50% shares of world's leading carbon products manufacturing company. This hints at samsung's step to bring in Carbon casing for Samsung Galaxy S5 making it look gorgeous in true sense.

Although plastic weighs less than Aluminium and hence samsung didn't switch over to plastic but now samsung will be opting for carbon fibre casing which would provide light-weighted strength. This would improve shock-resistance of the device. Some of the laptop manufacturing companies have already adopted this technology.

This advantage of Samsung Galaxy S5 comes with an added disadvantage. The disadvantage being the inability to remove the casing to replace the batteries. Other Samsung Galaxy S5 features that are coming out of the just started rumors are -

A 16MP camera that could possible be incorporated in the smartphone, as Samsung has already put forth 13MP camera in its latest galaxy s flagship phone, i.e. the Samsung Galaxy S4. Samsung Galaxy S5 will also be coming with Optical Image Stabilization technique. With a 16MP camera will come some awesome features in Samsung Galaxy S5, like the 6X Optical zoom - this has been rumored to be coming in Samsung Galaxy S5. 

Finger print scanning is being predicted to be another feature of Samsung Galaxy S5. A better display screen with improved pixel arrangement is expected. Although no details related to the screen size are yet confirmed by the sources.

A 2GHz Exynos processor with octa-core processing technology will boost the performance of Samsung Galaxy S5. Samsung will also try to boost up the processing performance by coupling the processor with a rumored 4 GB of RAM, that Samsung is currently working on. Internal Memory might be zoomed upto 64GB and its will not be no ordinary thing for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5. Current rumors suggest that the smartphone Samsung Galaxy S5 will feature network connectivity of only upto 4G, but some rumors suggest that samsung might futureproof it for 5G.

Wireless charging technology as being used in some of the Nokia Lumia phones will be another cool feature of Samsung Galaxy S5. A powerful battery of around 4000 mAh is what samsung will be aiming at to be added to the phone with a non-removable casing. 

Samsung Galaxy S5 price in U.S.A. , U.K. and India

As of now, there have been no rumors related to the price of Samsung Galaxy S5 in India, USA and UK but  Samsung Galaxy S5 will cost above Rs. 50,000(equivalent to 1000US$) as compared to Samsung Galaxy S4's price of Rs. 45,000 (equivalent to 850US$).

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