Saturday, January 5, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 images / pics leaked online, launch confirmed for May 2013.

Samsung is readying its next big thing in the month of May 2013 and this big thing - The Samsung Galaxy S4 has already made an online presence. The images of Samsung Galaxy S4 were seen on Sammobiles. These images were leaked today and have revealed the look of Samsung Galaxy S4. Although, there's not much that has been revealed about the features that Samsung Galaxy S4 will bring with itself, but mobi-experts have predicted that this one's a special one from Samsung and will surely come with some fascinating features like a 5 inch Full HD AMOLED display and a 13MP camera. These are not the only awesome features of Samsung Galaxy S4 - there are more that have been expected and some would come as real surprises to the consumers.

Samsung Galaxy S4 leaked pic

According to Sammobiles the pic has been revealed by some 'blessed' person from Samsung and seems similar and inspired by the design of Samsung Galaxy S3. Although, the legitimacy of the picture is still in debates, the device seems to be very likely the next big thing from Samsung. Samsung had also launched Samsung Galaxy S3 a year ago at the same time as it is scheduling the launch of Samsung Galaxy S 4. Its just a year's gap that brings a lot of mind-blowing features in this pocket size power house.

Samsung Galaxy S4 launch date: Samsung Galaxy S4 Will be unveiled in May 2013

According to the facebook page of Samsung Lebanon - the Samsung galaxy s4 will not be launched anytime before May 2013.
If more rumors are to be believed Samsung Galaxy S4 will come with an unbreakable and a flexible screen, but its still not sure.


Samsung Galaxy S4 price in US, India and UK


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