Monday, January 28, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S2 plus launched in Taiwan - Samsung Galaxy S2 price in Taiwan

This year's CES 2013 saw some of the magnificent products from most of the tech giants, but CES 2013 didn't turn up big for Samsung fans as Samsung didn't release some of the most awaited devices, but worked upon enhancing its older versions, for what reasons - the question that still remains unanswered. Introducing a new chip in its once popular galaxy s2 and naming it to S2 plus for some reason was the only modification made in the older version. But we still dont understand what makes the Korean giant upgrade only a single component in its galaxy s2 line and then launch it in the market, when everyone's eyeing on the much hyped Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Tab 3.

Samsung Galaxy S2

Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus was launched in Taiwan on Jan 28, 2013. The device has started landing on the store shelves and the price of this upgraded device has been revealed. People in Taiwan will have to pay 13,900 NTD to own a Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus. This amount is equivalent to approx 470 US $ or 350 Euros.

The only difference we see between the Galaxy S2 and the Galaxy Sii plus is the replacement of Samsung Exynos chip with a Broadcom solution. So, its better to go for something better that you can surely get at the same price.

Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus unveiled.


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